How do you know if your workforce is happy? Conduct a staff satisfaction survey!

Conduct a staff satisfaction survey to learn how happy your employees are Are you in need of a staff satisfaction survey? Most people don’t realise how much employee survey services can do for their organisation. If you’ve found yourself wondering how to bring your team closer together, boost productivity, or simply want to check in with your employees, a staff satisfaction survey is the answer you’ve been looking for!

The Survey Initiative uses carefully crafted employee surveys to give you an in-depth understanding of your staff – so that you are able to manage your company to the best of your ability.


But I think that my workforce is happy?

As an employer, you will likely notice some obvious indicators of staff satisfaction – perhaps your staff show up to work on time, every day, with a smile on their faces (even on Mondays). Maybe you don’t receive any complaints, and you often detect an overall good atmosphere in the workplace.

These indicators are all green flags, but they are not an accurate measure of staff satisfaction or engagement. People may privately hold different opinions than they present at work. This is why it is important to consult employee survey services experts to obtain a professional staff satisfaction survey.

But what does a staff satisfaction survey provide that general observation or an internal survey can’t?



A staff satisfaction survey, conducted by a company that specialises in employee survey services, will provide the most accurate overview. This is because these surveys are created by a team of psychologists that specialise in psychometric tests, like our team here at The Survey Initiative.

What does that mean for survey accuracy?

As experts in the field, our team has received specialist training/education in designing employee surveys that are specifically designed with your goals in mind. In short, our team knows what questions to ask, and how to ask them in order to gain the most insightful, and representative responses. We then interpret and compile and interpret the data to produce a comprehensive report where you can find the information you’ve been looking for in one easy to read place.



An internal staff satisfaction survey is subject to a great deal of bias. Not only do the questions asked need to reflect issues relevant both to the organisation and its employees, they also need to be phrased in such a way as to avoid influencing a response. Furthermore, employees need to feel they can be open and honest. Employees may naturally adjust their answers to fit what they feel an employer.

This is where reporting to an external, neutral party has a natural, and significant, advantage. Your employees can be open and honest and you can get an accurate, reliable overview of what your employees want, need, and already receive from your company.


Dig into the details of your comprehensive overview

The Survey Initiative’s staff satisfaction survey services are carefully curated by a team of experts to examine all aspects of employee engagement and satisfaction- and provide you with a holistic overview of staff satisfaction.

By breaking down your survey report into individual components you can dig into the details and set achievable goals: making effective changes as an employer. To learn more about what kind of goals you should be setting for your staff surveys, see our previous blog on the best kind of questions to ask in an employee engagement survey.


But what does a staff satisfaction survey measure? And what makes bespoke staff surveys better?

Staff satisfaction is measured primarily through assessing employee engagement – in other words, the relationship between employees and the organisation they work for. Employee engagement comes in all forms: from the usefulness of managerial practices, to the potential for growth employees feel they have within the company. These are just two of the many factors that contribute to overall employee satisfaction.


But what really sets employee survey services apart is when they recognise your organisation as one of a kind

No two companies are the same, and the same should apply to employee surveys. Your staff satisfaction survey (or any employee survey for that matter) should reflect the unique fingerprint of your company. That’s why here at The Survey Initiative, we tailor all of our employee survey services to you/and the individual needs of your organisation.

Conducting a generalised staff satisfaction survey will not accurately gauge the satisfaction of your employees. For example, companies who do not use offices as their premises will require additional and different, questions surrounding feeling safe in the workplace. The Survey Initiative’s bespoke surveys are individually composed by our team of expert psychologists to examine the unique considerations of your organisation.

You need specialists who understand the dynamics of different organisations and sectors and how to tailor their employee survey services to give you the most reliable employee satisfaction reports.


The Survey Initiative provides an expertly crafted staff satisfaction survey tailored to your business

If you’re looking for bespoke employee survey services, look no further than The Survey Initiative. We provide everything from pulse checks to 360 feedback reports and staff satisfaction surveys. All designed and executed by a team of experts. To find out how satisfied your employees are, get in touch with The Survey Initiative team today.