Katherine Alexander

Katherine honed her marketing skills in the IT, construction, education and marine industries and now marries both her factual and people focused experiences. She applies her expertise to raising awareness of the potential and benefits that employee engagement research has to offer.

Katherine Reid

Katherine is intrigued by what makes people tick. Her curiosity into what motivates each one of us to
perform at our best has given her an unrivaled passion for her subject. She has a broad experience and
range of skills to offer from 360 degree feedback surveys to psychometric testing, as well as designing
behavioral development interventions to hosting focus groups.

Jacqueline Mitchell

Jacqueline’s people management experience is exemplary. Before she switched to consultancy she
was a board level human resources and organisational development director for a large organisation.
Nowadays, Jacqueline focuses on consulting services and is an expert at coaching, motivation,
facilitation and leadership development.

Gary Cattermole

Gary has been overseeing employee research at The Survey Initiative for over 20 years. He takes the
time to listen to clients’ needs and creates bespoke solutions to help implement positive organisational
change. He’s been in the industry for over 30 years’ and is passionate about employee engagement. In
2014 he became a ‘Guru’ with industry-body Engage4Success.

Max Chester

Max joined The Survey Initiative in June 2021 after completing his studies at Newcastle University. As an undergraduate student Max developed core research and analytical skills and he is always eager to learn more about the world around him. More recently he has completed a GDPR and Market Research techniques course.

Jaime Johnson

Jaime founded The Survey Initiative in 2006 following a career in employee research. She heads up the
data analysis team and is dedicated to creating employee research solutions that deliver real results.  She has recently become a Certified Member of the Market Research Society (MRS).

Owen Iredale

Owen developed his data analysis skills whilst studying for an MSci in Biology at the University of Bristol. He has recently joined The Survey Initiative team, and his roles include running online surveys as well as analysing and reporting on the results.