The challenge

Aveva was in a time of change. The company had taken on a number of acquisitions around the world, and had been through a period of restructure and organisational change.

After 40 years in the business Aveva knew it was time to benchmark their employee engagement. They knew employees were a major part of their success and wanted to find out more about how to keep staff motivated and working at an optimum level.

What did we do?

We created a bespoke survey to analyse the main drivers for employee engagement amongst its 980 employees in 29 offices throughout the world. The survey was translated into many different languages and reflected cultural differences.

We collated the results and provided a detailed analysis in a presentation and an executive report to the senior management team. We also provided additional local reports to ensure regional managers took ownership of their data and fed local results back to their teams.

We met at length with the management team, and educated them about the power of employee engagement and the principles of leading by example.


Aveva achieved a staggering 92% response rate!

Aveva were also delighted to find that 91% of their staff felt very engaged with where they work and what they do.

However, the survey did identify key areas for development, such as internal communications, learning and development opportunities and appraisals.


Aveva never sat back and rested on their great results. Their view – ‘If we’re doing great now just imagine how incredible we could be.’

The management team:
• Led by example and from top down engaged execs
• Commissioned focus groups to understand team results
• Set-up a new internal communications department
• Created regional communications champions
• Offered more learning and development opportunities
• Increased appraisals by 20%

The future…

Aveva will be undertaking their next survey with The Survey Initiative in 2013 and hope to achieve an employee engagement figure of 80%.

“I knew I had found the right company after my CEO stopped me in the corridor and said – ‘where did you find those guys!’ And he was right; The Survey Initiative took the time to really understand what makes us tick and they’re really nice people to work with.”
Denise Parsonage, Head of HR, Aveva

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