Deeper insight for Buro Happold thanks to new research service

Deeper insight, wider participation, more flexibility and better reporting. When Lucy Miller at Buro Happold heard about the launch of The Survey Initiative’s new ‘Research as a Service tool’, she was delighted with what it offered.

“Research as a Service enables us to offer not only the HR team, but all areas of the business access to a wide variety of surveys. Whenever we need to analyse an issue within the organisation we can tap into the Research as a Service resource and gain instant feedback.

“We are an international, integrated engineering consultancy operating in 23 locations worldwide, with 60 partners and over 1,900 employees including some of the world’s leading consulting engineers. The pace of change at Buro Happold is fast, and we need to take all our employees with us, to ensure we meet our strategic objectives.”

The Survey Initiative has worked with Buro Happold for many years, delivering the firm’s culture survey and a range of pulse surveys. When Buro Happold’s Global Head of Inclusion, Diversity and Engagement, Lucy Miller, heard about the launch of The Survey Initiative’s new ‘Research as a Service’, she was keen to offer the service to all.

“We’ve been analysing what innovation means to us. The Research as a Service tool was a great way to gather employees’ thoughts on the matter. We’ve also run a series of feedback surveys on promotions and career progression objective setting. The tool has also proved very effective on a global basis. In the Middle East and India, Research as a Service helped us run follow-up pulse surveys to further understand employees’ feelings.

“The team at The Survey Initiative have been very helpful in the set-up and are always there to answer any of our queries; they’ll also get surveys translated into any languages we require and change the terminology to suit different audiences. We can be quite demanding as a client as the pace of change at Buro Happold is rapid. We’ll brief a survey, but it often needs to be refined to reflect our changing circumstances. However, nothing is ever too much trouble for the team.

“The team produce great reports and thanks to Research as a Service’s online portal, we can also track responses. Access to the system is easy and we really like the way we can enable selected individuals to view reports, which helps keeps line managers and regional directors up-to-speed with what’s going on. We also receive hard copy reports which are well-presented, clear and easy-to-understand.

“We would definitely recommend Research as a Service, it’s great value for money and allows us to dig deeper into various issues across the business. Thanks to this new system, we can track our changes and discover how our actions have resulted in positive development.”

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