Their vision – ‘our vision is to be synonymous with making great opera accessible to the widest and most diverse audiences. We will continue to forge ground-breaking collaborations across art forms, and our world-class productions will inspire, surprise and captivate.

We will be recognised as the national centre of excellence for developing opera, and as the benchmark for nurturing new talent. We will reach out to communities who might think opera is not for them’.

The challenge:

English National Opera were looking to bring about cultural change in the organisation. With a new CEO and Director of People at the helm, English National Opera wanted to embrace employee engagement and create an open structure where everyone had a voice.

What did we do?

Our research team met with the English National Opera and discussed their needs. A rigorous survey was required to ensure the organisation understood the thoughts and minds of its workforce, including operatic stars, ushers, stage hands and administrative managers.

The survey was delivered to all 400 staff via their mobiles, tablets and PCs to allow a quick and easy connection. Once the results were collated our research team analysed the results and broke down the findings. Here data was presented to the English National Opera across departments, tenure, age, gender and contract status to enable managers to see key trends.

On a local level all department managers received a workbook to see how their team scored and showcased areas they excelled and needed improvement.

The research proved incredibly insightful to the new CEO. He was quickly and clearly able to grasp the thoughts and minds of his employees and create a strategy to move forward.


  • Thanks to the results the English National Opera has launched a strategy to bring about cultural change. A bottom-up approach is being adopted to engender trust in the organisation’s development.
  • English National Opera has given staff a voice. New initiatives have been set-up and are being looked into with members of staff from all departments offering their ideas and opinions. All thoughts are heard and action is taken.
  • Wellbeing has become a priority at English National Opera. New wellbeing policies have been launched and a series of workshops are being set-up to communicate the change to employees.
  • The fun side of wellbeing is already being enjoyed by staff with the introduction of fresh employee benefits, including: weekly massages and beauty treatments, plus subsidised yoga classes.


Stuart Murphy, CEO, English National Opera, was delighted with The Survey Initiative’s services. He says: “ENO hadn`t undertaken a survey of its people for many years and The Survey Initiative were extremely helpful in supporting us to achieve this. They were professional at all times and absolutely committed to this project and their insights proved to be particularly useful.”

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