The Challenge

GC Aesthetics is a growing business with manufacturing plants in the UK and France and offices throughout the world. The company was keen to understand how employees feel about the business, and to start a process where staff identify with the ‘global’ company as well as the brand they work for.

What did The Survey Initiative do?

The Survey Initiative analysed employee engagement within the company’s 400 strong workforce across UK, France, Spain Germany, Turkey, Mexico and Brazil.

A bespoke survey was created and was translated into five languages. GC Aesthetics wanted to act fast and The Survey Initiative managed to turnaround results and provide analysis in just six weeks.

Gary Cattermole, Director, The Survey Initiative, says: “We create employee engagement surveys to meet our clients’ needs. We’re very experienced at managing staff surveys in multiple locations and were able to help GC Aesthetics identify areas where engagement levels are high and where they might need to concentrate their efforts to further improve engagement.”


The survey has helped GC Aesthetics move forward with its business strategy. Julia Marsan, Global HR Director, GC Aesthetics, explains: “We engaged The Survey Initiative because they had a strong partnership approach to conducting surveys, and the reporting they produce is easy to understand and share with our colleagues. We needed the survey to be turned around very quickly, translated into multiple languages and distributed on paper and online. The Survey Initiative were happy to meet these challenges.”

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