The challenge

Following a period of organisational change, Jupiter Hotels wanted to benchmark levels of employee engagement within its 1900 strong workforce, and find out what engages and disengages them.

What did we do?

We conducted regular ‘snapshot’ surveys to provide insight and understanding into what engages and disengages employees. We provided group results to enable Jupiter Hotels to see what is happening across their business, and individual results to give hotel managers an insight into how their hotel is performing within the chain.


Jupiter Hotels were pleased with their results as they had undergone a major restructure with a number of redundancies and had managed to retain fairly high levels of employee engagement. However there was room for improvement in three main areas: employee recognition, communications and training/development.


The HR department has not wasted a second and very quickly created actions to improve their levels of employee engagement. Time and money has been spent on revamping staff facilities, including more modern facilities, improved IT ability and a new staff uniform.

To recognise the fantastic level of commitment given by Jupiter employees a new Staff Award scheme was introduced. The awards allow managers to offer on the spot £25 cash awards for outstanding effort and staff can be put forward for employee of the month and employee of the year awards too.

A new training and development scheme has been launched with a ‘Rising Star’ programme to help talent rise through the ranks.

To give everyone the chance to find out what’s going on in the organisation a new newsletter has been developed. The HR team has also negotiated enhanced benefits for staff with major discounts off products and services within the Accor group of hotels.

The future…

We will continue to analyse the success of Jupiter Hotel’s employee engagement programme and offer them advice on how to develop even more successful ways of working.

“Without The Survey Initiative we wouldn’t have known what action to take. Thanks to their detailed analysis of what engages and disengages our employees we’ve been able to create an employee engagement programme to help drive our business forward. Their work has added great value to our business strategy, and helps us pinpoint areas of development for the organisation and individual hotels.”

Diane Jackson, Head of HR, Jupiter Hotels

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