The challenge

PhonepayPlus employs 50 members of staff at its London headquarters. The workforce is highly skilled and are predominantly aged between 25-35 years old. The management team wanted to understand the main drivers for employee engagement and motivation to ensure they could retain their talented pool of staff.

They also wanted to ensure that members of staff were being given the opportunity to reach their potential.

What did we do?

The Survey Initiative created a bespoke survey to analyse the main drivers for employee engagement and motivation. The team collated the results and provided an Executive report plus a detailed graphical report, which is issued to all employees. The Survey Initiative also produced additional reports according to ‘Job band’ to allow PhonepayPlus to see how different groups of people are engaged.  A final ‘comment’ report was created based on the responses to the ‘open’ questions in the survey – comments are themed and grouped.


The Survey Initiative has been running regular employee engagement surveys for PhonepayPlus since 2007.  PhonepayPlus has increased their Engagement Index from 63% to 81%, with seven key areas of engagement well above the norm.  In October 2010, vital areas of employee engagement: leadership, communication and views on PhonepayPlus experienced a significant jump from the previous survey conducted in 2009.

The survey also identified key areas for development, such as employee recognition, career development and learning and development opportunities.


PhonepayPlus constantly refers to the employee engagement survey to ensure their HR strategy is on track.  The management team:

  • Created a new ‘recognition’ culture to ensure employees felt appreciated in the workplace
  • Developed new enriching roles for members of staff to progress career opportunities
  • Created a more positive and ‘humanistic’ balance to a very analytical working environment
  • Focused on leadership, communications, training, pay and benefits to keep staff engaged and motivated

The future…

PhonepayPlus is currently undertaking an employee engagement survey with The Survey Initiative and is looking forward to seeing how the HR strategy has impacted upon employee engagement and motivation.

“We find employee engagement surveys invaluable in giving us the vital feedback to steer our HR strategy forward. It’s essential that we understand what motivates our highly knowledgeable workforce to ensure we offer them suitable career progression. ”

Gail Weightman, Head of HR and Central Services, PhonepayPlus

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