The challenge

Schaeffler wanted to review its internal communications activity in the Asia Pacific region. A survey had never been undertaken before and needed to be rolled out to 11,000 employees in multiple languages.

The size of the project ensured Schaeffler had to turn to an external survey specialist to undertake the entire survey process.

What did we do?

We created a short paper and online survey to really understand the internal communications issues in different countries and offices throughout the pan-pacific. Each survey was then translated into multiple languages. We then collated the results and fed back the data to demonstrate areas of strength and weaknesses.


The survey achieved an exceptionally high response rate with over 8,500 employees taking part (78%).

The results have given the internal communications team a strong set of figures to benchmark the effectiveness of their work, and pinpoint regional variations.  The in-house team followed up the survey results with face-to-face meetings to gather more qualitative data. Schaeffler were able to support their communications proposals with statistical data, which has helped gain the backing of the senior management team.


The feedback has given the internal communications team a real insight into what their employees like and don’t like, which has resulted in many practical changes:

  • Top management at ‘Town Hall’ style meetings  for shop floor employees
  • Employee activities encouraging feedback from ground level
  • Plant Manager mailbox  for shop floor employees
  • Development of cross-functional conversations
  • Move to more people oriented stories in publications

A communications action plan has also been put in place for each country.

The future…

Following the research the internal communications team were able to set priorities for the coming years and define their own ‘Roadmap for Communication’, which is a strategic plan to develop communications throughout Asia Pacific region.

“We were really pleased with the help and support we gained from The Survey Initiative and we’ll definitely use them again for a follow-up survey this year to ensure we’re on track.” Gretty Ene, Internal Communication, Schaeffler Asia Pacific

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