The Challenge

Story Homes is a family-owned housebuilder. The organisation has undergone rapid growth and had recently restructured to support its development. Story Homes were determined to keep their family feel and wanted to engage with their 380-strong staff to ensure the company’s values and culture remained strong.

What Did We Do?

This was Story Homes first employee survey and were very open to being led through the process. The HR team and company Directors all embraced the process and were keen to discover the effects the restructure and switch to regional management had impacted on the company.

We created a bespoke employee survey that would focus on Story Homes key issues. The data was collated and reported back on an organisational and regional level.

Following the results we worked alongside Story Homes to encourage managers to create their own action plans to help move the business forward.


The results were good across the board! However, there were a few areas that would benefit from action, such as employee voice. Story Homes set-up a series of focus groups to address how staff could have more of a say and have the ability to challenge working practices. On a local level managers have gone out of their way to be more effective communicators and consider more collaborative ways of working.

Story Homes also found the research process helpful in getting to grips with any minor concerns before they became larger issues.

• 96% employees understood the company’s values.
• 89% management style.
• 87% team working.
• 84% leadership.
• 83% employee engagement.

Fran Stott, Group HR Director, Story Homes, says: “The Survey Initiative are great to work with, they met all deadlines and kept everything on track. The team were also great at making the whole process easy to understand and offered clear analysis and reporting of the data – it was a really good experience!”