Monitoring the success of staff training through staff training surveys

Can staff training surveys undertaken after employee training improve the overall success of the training process? Across many industries and sectors, courses and job-related training are incredibly important resources for unlocking potential in the workplace. Investing in both hard and soft skills is especially important as a means of retaining talent at a time when the recruitment of suitable candidates, or the resignations of key personnel, are causing real-world issues for employers. A Trade Union Congress poll of 3,000 working adults revealed some quite astonishing facts. The poll found that 33 per cent of employees had regular training, whereas conversely, an estimated 24 per cent have never undertaken formal learning in the workplace. And of the 33% who have had regular training, how much of this training was being analysed for effectiveness, through the deployment of well thought out post staff training surveys? It could be argued that any ongoing employee training is flawed unless it is followed up with a properly constructed staff training survey, to establish that the staff training is beneficial to the employee and leads to genuine positive changes in the workplace. With productivity in the UK already lagging behind most European countries, increasing the amount and quality of both ongoing employee training and skills development will be critical across a variety of industries post-Covid and post-Brexit.

Staff training survey

Where training and development plans are in place, tracking and monitoring their success through mediums such as a post staff training survey can help improve programmes, and ultimately maximize job satisfaction and productivity. Allocating time and resources to evaluate training programmes is often an overlooked part of the training process, but engaging with learners to understand outcomes should be seen as integral so that training programmes are continuously developed. Staff training surveys and employee feedback forms, like the ones administered by us here at The Survey Initiative, give organisations the necessary insights to review the content, format and outcomes of all different types of employee training programmes. Investing in monitoring the success of employee training programmes ensures relevance and impact, and is essentially a further investment in workers’ skills itself. Ultimately, organisations in the post-Covid climate looking at productivity must take into account that people investments are as much about growing the individual as it is the business. And as mentioned above, to ensure any employee training undertaken is maximised to its full potential, it is essential to follow up training programmes with a detailed and comprehensive staff training survey, which will offer you profound insights into both how effective the training has been for the employees, and how it has affected their overall performance in the workplace.

The importance of a staff training survey

So now you know just why it is so important to ask all employees who have taken part in a staff training programme to complete a staff training survey. Post-training surveys have to be seen as a crucial part of running a successful employee training course, after all, a properly undertaken training programme is a substantial investment for both your organisation and your employees, and therefore you will want to get the maximum benefit from it. With many years of experience in liaising with clients to develop staff training surveys that offer critical information on how effective the training was for your staff, The Survey Initiative are ready to sit down with you to discuss how best to maximise your staff training. To take your employee training programmes to the next level simply contact our expert team and together we will create a bespoke staff training survey that will reveal all you need to know to improve your employee’s work performance.